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Service Dog Vest

Dogs really are man’s best friend and Service Dogs are more than a friend … They are a necessity for countless Americans who rely on their skills and support.  The federal government has made it illegal for others to stop you or your service dog from public places — But that doesn’t prevent people from trying to stop you from entrance into places like restaurants, theaters, taxi cabs, airlines and more.  Mostly, these folks are just unaware of the law or unaware of the valuable support your dog can give.

If you’ve ever wanted to bring your dog with you for Service, Support or Therapy, but were afraid of the questions, looks, and hassles — we have your solution!  Join us and get your Service Dog Kit.  Our expertly crafted kits have everything you need to clearly designate your need for a canine companion.  Freely go anywhere the general public is allowed — without problems — when you are equipped with the proper kit.

Everything You Need — Without The Hassle.

Our kits give you instant visibility, documented identification, and certified registration as a Service Dog Owner.  Each component is professionally designed to exceed requirements by the U.S. government.  Our Kits include:  An “official” dog vest that clearly designates your animal as a Service or Support Dog.  You also get full documentation with an official Service Dog ID Badge, Digital ID Card that easily uploads to any smartphone, a certificate of registration with SDO and more.

Travel freely and without worry of embarrassing questions.  Save time by avoiding delays and explanations.  Let your KIT do the talking and go anywhere — It’s your Right!

Avoid The Conflicts..

While registration is not mandatory under law, many owners of Service Dogs Emotional Support Dogs and Therapy Dogs find it helpful to register their dog as an additional way to designate their animal’s special status. Many landlords and business owners request to see registration paperwork or other identification and even though such paperwork is not required under law, it is often easier to provide the requester with a registration document or ID  rather than argue the point or attempt to educate the person. Your dogs appearance and attire such as a service dog vest with identification will without a doubt avoid public doubt and conflicts about the validity of your service animal.


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