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In order to register a dog must already have proper minimum social behavior skills.

• No aggressive behavior toward people or other animals – no biting, snapping, snarling, growling or lunging and barking at them when working off your property.
• No soliciting food or petting from other people while on duty.
• No sniffing merchandise or people or intruding into another dog’s space while on duty.
• Socialize to tolerate strange sights, sounds, odors etc. in a wide variety of public settings.
• Ignores food on the floor or dropped in the dog’s vicinity while working outside the home.
• Works calmly on leash. No unruly behavior or unnecessary vocalizations in public settings.
• No urinating or defecating in public unless given a specific command or signal to toilet in an appropriate place.
• Any dog who is protection trained, attack trained or one who exhibits aggressive behavior in violation of our Minimum Training Standards is NOT eligible for enrollment as an Assistance Dog no matter what disability related tasks or alerts the dog is said to perform.



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