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Prepare yourself by deciding on a color and measuring. We offer 13 colors and sizes from 11″ girth to 42″ girth. All vests have between 3-4 inches of adjustment. Embroidery is free (up to 15 characters)

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Are You Entitled To A Service Dog?

If you are limited in any way with the ability to perform major life tasks such as seeing, hearing, standing, walking, eating, sleeping, thinking, speaking, have a mental condition then you likely have a disability that would make you eligible to have a service dog under ADA laws. The service dog helps you in performing the particular tasks that you would otherwise be difficult to perform without the service dog.

Your Disability and Public Knowledge

You are NOT allowed to be asked by an owner, manager, or other representative of a business what your disability is that allows you to have a service dog. That information is private and you do not have to disclose it to anyone if you are asked. The only information that may be asked is if it is a service dog, and what tasks the service dog is trained to perform for you. For example, if you have a mental illness that requires that you take medication and your service dog is trained to alert you when it is time to take your medication by tugging at your shirt, then you may explain the task your service dog performs, but you are not obligated to divulge the nature of your illness or disability.

Living With Your Service Dog

ADA law gives individuals the right to live with their service dog regardless of any building or residences with a no pet policy. A service dog is not considered a pet and is required for daily life functions and activities. Building managers or landlords may not refuse your service dog nor may they require you to submit any pet deposits or fees for your service dog.

Hotels fall under the same policy as well. They are not permitted to deny access to you or your service dog and may not charge any extra fees or collect any deposits.

Flying With Your Service Dog

ADA law also allows service dogs on airplanes when individuals with service dogs are traveling and they do not have to pay an extra fee to have their service dog by their side.

Everything You Need — Without The Hassle.

Our kits give you instant visibility, documented identification, and certified registration as a Service Dog Owner. Each component is professionally designed to exceed requirements by the U.S. government. Our Kits include: An “official” dog vest, ID Card @ Certificate that clearly designates your animal as a Service or Support Dog. You also get full electronic documentation sent direct to your email. great for when documentation is required on a moments notice such as booking hotels or other places where documentation is needed.

Travel freely and without worry of embarrassing questions. Save time by avoiding delays and explanations. Let your KIT do the talking and go anywhere — It’s your Right!

Avoid The Conflicts..

While registration is not mandatory under law, many owners of Service Dogs Emotional Support Dogs and Therapy Dogs find it helpful to register their dog as an additional way to designate their animal’s special status. Many landlords and business owners request to see registration paperwork or other identification and even though such paperwork is not required under law, it is often easier to provide the requester with a registration document or ID rather than argue the point or attempt to educate the person. Your dogs appearance and attire such as a service dog vest with identification will without a doubt avoid public doubt and conflicts about the validity of your service animal.