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Airport Relief Stations

Airport Relief Stations

Under construction. We’re collecting information on the location and accessibility of service dog relief stations at major airports. If you have information about an airport not yet listed, please use the contact page to let us know about it.

“If you need to leave the secure boarding area to relieve your animal, you must undergo the full screening process again. Inform the Security Officer upon your return to the security checkpoint and she/him will move you to the front of the screening line to expedite the screening process.”

Carry a copy of this webpage with you. Security officials will sometimes argue about the policy so you’ll want to be able to show it to them in writing. Print the actual webpage so they can see it’s from their own site. Also make sure you have this phone number for TSA if you have any other problems related to your disability or service animal at security checkpoints: 1-877-336-4872

“§382.51(5) In cooperation with the airport operator and in consultation with local service animal training organization(s), you must provide animal relief areas for service animals that accompany passengers departing, connecting, or arriving at an airport on your flights.” page 142

“§382.91(c) As a carrier at a U.S. airport, you must, on request, in cooperation with the airport operator, provide for escorting a passenger with a service animal to an animal relief area provided under §382.51(a)(5) of this Part.” page 153

New ACAA regulations effective May 13, 2009
Part 382:

Frequently Asked Questions: (published May 13, 2009)

Minneapolis-St. Paul

There are relief areas at both terminals:
The Terminal 1-Lindbergh location is outside Door 1 on the Baggage Claim Level. Follow the signs to your left. The area is fenced on three sides and has a wood chip base.
At Terminal 2-Humphrey travelers should use the grassy area just outside and to the right of Door 6 on Level 1 near Baggage Claim.
* Passengers traveling with a service animal can request an escort from their airline or Travelers Assistance to the pet relief area.

Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

– Bush Intercontinental provides customers with assistance animal and pet relief areas outside of Terminals A, B, C and D.
– For Terminals A, B and C, upon entering the baggage claim hall, simply follow the directional assistance animal and pet relief signs.
– For Terminal D, the assistance animal and pet relief area is located on the outside, on the ticketing level. Directional signage is provided. (scroll down near the bottom–this page includes a printable map of the terminal)

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport (ATL)

“To accommodate passengers’ pets and guide dogs, Hartsfield-Jackson has a Poochie Park located on the lower level of Terminal North outside door LN2 to the right of the building. Owners can take animals to this grassy area and allow pets to relieve themselves. Owners are expected to clean up after their animals if possible with scoopers provided on site. Pet owners whose animals experience an accident elsewhere around the terminal may use the Poochie Park scoopers and receptacles for clean-up.

“There are also two other areas where pets may relieve themselves in the grassy knoll located in the Ground Transportation area on Terminal South outside of doors W1 and W2. Currently, Hartsfield-Jackson does not have pet facilities inside the secured areas. We recommend owners take advantage of the above locations if possible.”…

Baltimore Washington International (BWI)

The Pet Relief Area can be found at the end of Concourse E near the International Terminal, adjacent to the light rail station.

There is a picture. The PDF map is at and it is shown on the lower terminal map.

“This is on the bottom floor which means to access it prior to a flight, you have to find the elevator going down towards baggage claim. Last time I was there (the morning we flew out for Seoul), it wasn’t built yet and I actually had to cross 6+ lanes of traffic on foot at 4:30-5AM to find an acceptable place for Scooter to go (and by acceptable, I was looking for anyplace we wouldn’t get run over and wasn’t on the building).” — personal observation of community member LolaMarigolda

“BWI is also the place where you have to watch out for the dog aggressive K-9s. The area where you exit the security checkpoint for D terminal is at an angle with the dog generally being hid behind a tall desk on the corner.” — personal observation of community member LolaMarigolda

“The E concourse where the dog relief station is located is a LONG way from anything else. It’s the international terminal. So unless you’re flying international, you’re going to walk all the way across the airport to get there. It took me about 10 minutes to walk there from the security checkpoint. So round-trip, you’re looking at about 30 minutes from any of the domestic concourses. I was also there before they built this (although they informed me that it was there…), and did the scuttle across 6 lanes of traffic to the only appropriate spot to relieve my dog.” — personal observation of community member cowlypso

Kansas City International (MCI)

“Rest areas for service dogs are at each end of each terminal in grassy areas adjacent to pedestrian ramps. They are marked with instructional signs and include special waste receptacles and biodegradable bags.”

Here’s a map, but the relief areas are not marked on it. Each of the three terminals is 2,225 feet long (just over 1/3 of a mile), so the longest you’d have to walk is 1,200 feet to reach a relief area.

“MCI airport is easy to navigate. There are three circular terminals. The last time I flew, there were no designated relief areas so I toileted my service dog in wood chips on a median between parking and the entrance. It’s not far from the entrance to the gate if you follow the signs and unload at the correct entrance for your airline.

“Just off of Bern street there’s an office building with a large parking lot right on the airport lake. I like to park at the end and give my dog a quick stretch after our 2.5 hour car ride to the airport before entering the airport proper. There are trash recepticals and picnic tables as well as a wheel chair accessible trail around the lake.” — personal observation of community member Kirsten

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

“Lambert-St. Louis International Airport offers two outdoor rest areas for passengers with traveling pets or service animals. Each relief area offers 400 square feet of gated space with park benches, trash cans, plastic mitts for cleanup and even fire hydrants.”

Terminal: 1 Ticketing & Departures Level, outside exit MT-6
Terminal: 2 Bag Claim Level, outside exit ET-15

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

-Sky Harbor has three areas for pets to stretch their legs, drink water and take potty breaks (mitts for cleaning up provided). The Pet Patch is located just east of Terminal 2.
-The Paw Pad is located just outside of the west doors of Terminal 3 [PDF].
-The Bone Yard is on the west side of Terminal 4 [PDF] just outside of baggage claim, level 1.
Site includes pdf maps to each relief area and a video clip.


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