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Colorado Service Dog Laws

Applies to Guide, Hearing, and Service Dogs
Accessibility “. . . full and equal access . . . to accommodations, advantages, facilities, medical facilities . . . and privileges of all common carriers . . . railroad trains, motorbuses, streetcars, boats, . . . telephone facilities, adoption agencies, private schools, hotels, lodging places, places of public accommodation, amusement, or resort, and other places to which the general public is invited.”
Interference misdemeanor
Housing all except room in single family home
Trainers allowed in same places as disabled; must be licensed or authorized; dog must be leashed; must carry identification; liable for damage done by dog.
White Cane precautionary statute; White Cane Safety Day is October 15.
Injury to Dog misdemeanor; subject to penalties, restitution
Penalties “. . . determined by a jury, or the court sitting without a jury, up to a maximum of three times the amount of actual damages but in no case less than one thousand dollars ($1,000), and attorney’ s fees.”
Zoo or Wild Animal Park “Any zoo or wild animal park that does not permit guide dogs to accompany blind persons . . . shall maintain free of charge, adequate kennel facilities for the use of ” Assistance Dogs.
Summary California law requires that a specially trained Assistance Dog be allowed to accompany a blind, deaf, physically or mentally disabled person or trainer on all public accommodations and on all common carriers. No extra charge can be levied because of the dog’s presence, but the dog user is liable for any damage the dog might cause.
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