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Arkansas Service Dog Laws

Applies to Guide, Hearing, and Service Dogs
Accessibility “. . . public streets, highways, sidewalks, walkways, public buildings, public facilities, and other public places . . . all common carriers and other public conveyances or modes of transportation, whether by air, land, or water . . . all hotels, motels, lodging places, housing accommodations . . . other places of public accommodation, amusement, or resort . . . all other places to which the general public is invited.”
Interference “Any person, firm, or corporation, or the agent of any person, firm, or corporation, who denies or interferes with the admittance to or enjoyment of public facilities and housing accommodations by a [disabled] person or otherwise interferes with the rights of a visually handicapped, hearing impaired, or other physically handicapped person shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.”
Housing “Visually handicapped, hearing impaired, and other physically handicapped persons shall be entitled to full and equal access, as other members of the general public, to all housing accommodations offered for rental, lease, or compensation in this state, subject only to the conditions and limitations established by law and applicable alike to other persons.”
Trainers same rights as disabled
White Cane statute for necessary precautions; no proclamation
Injury to Dog Class D felony
Penalties misdemeanor
Summary Arkansas law requires that a specially trained dog be allowed to accompany a blind, deaf, or physically handicapped person or trainer to all public accommodations and on all common carriers. Extra charges cannot be made due to the presence of the dog, but if the dog causes damage to the premises, the dog user is liable.
Accessibility 20-14-302(1947); 20-14-303; 20-14-304(1999)
Interference 20-14-302(1947)
Housing 20-14-305(1999)
Trainers 20-14-308(2003)
White Cane 20-14-306(1973)
Injury to Dog 20-14-304(1999)
Penalties 20-14-302(1947)
All sections are in Title 20, Subtitle 2, Chapter 14, Subchapter 14.
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