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Arizona Service Animal Laws

Applies to Guide, Hearing, and Service Dogs
Accessibility “. . . any office or place of business or recreation to which the general public is invited, whether operated by a public or private entity and includes all forms of conveyance, including taxis, tow trucks and ambulances.”
Interference Class 1 misdemeanor.
Trainers “Any trainer or individual with a disability may take an animal being trained as a service animal to a public place for purposes of training it to the same extent as provided in subsections A, B and C of this section.”
White Cane statute for necessary precaution; no proclamation
Injury to Dog “A person who is convicted of a violation . . . [is liable] for the replacement and training costs of the working or service animal and for any veterinary bills.”
Zoo or Wild Animal Park “A zoo or wild animal park may prohibit a service animal, including a dog guide or service dog, from any area of the zoo or wild animal park where the service animal may come into direct contact with the animals contained in the zoo or wild animal park . . . Any zoo or wild animal park that prohibits dog guides and service dogs shall provide without cost adequate facilities for the temporary confinement of dog guides and service dogs . . . The zoo or wild animal park on request by a legally blind person who is required to leave that person’s dog guide or service dog pursuant to this subsection shall provide a sighted escort if the legally blind person is unaccompanied by a sighted person.”
Summary Arizona law requires that a specially trained Assistance Dog be allowed to accompany a blind, deaf, mentally or physically disabled person to all public accommodations and on all common carriers. Extra charges, fees, or deposits cannot be made due to the presence of the dog, but if the dog causes damage to the premises, the dog user is liable.
Accessibility 11-1024 A-G, J(4)(1994)
Interference 11-1024( J2a)(1994); 13-2910(6)(2002)
Trainers 11-1024(E)(1994)
White Cane 11-1024(G)(1994)
Injury to Dog 13-2910(2002); 11-1024G(1994)
Zoo/Animal Park 11-1024F
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